Jason Crawford for ITE Vice President


Introducing jason Crawford

My Campaign Themes - LEAD


  1. Deliver focused leadership training locally
  2. Raise ITE profile locally as active voice
  3. Establish strategic vision panel


  1. Increase member engagement to realize and seize value
  2. Match volunteers to opportunities
  3. Expand membership globally


  1. Work to common strategy at all levels
  2. Promote member recruitment
  3. Improve information sharing


Attract and include in our leadership ranks greater professional, ethnic, and gender diversity that better reflects our general membership of a strong, passionate community of transportation professionals.


Campaign Code of Conduct (pdf)


Campaign Statement (pdf)


Candidate Brochure (pdf)


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About Jason

Leadership Style

I lead by listening and collaborating. I believe in empowering others to lead and make decisions. By doing so, it allows them to grow professionally, generates diverse ideas to solutions, and develops tomorrow's leaders. I believe in and promote fairness.

Leadership Experience

Over 26 years, I have held elected positions in many levels of ITE governance:

  • Texas A&M Student Chapter (Vice President)
  • Greater Fort Worth Section (Secretary/Treasurer, Vice President, President, Past President)
  • Texas District (Secretary/Treasurer, Vice President, President, Past President)
  • International Board, District Director

              > Membership Committee, Chair (2015-2017)

              > Budget & Finance Committee (2015-2017)

              > Nominating Committee (2015-2017)

              > Transportation Achievement Awards Committee (2015-2017)

              > Strategic Initiatives Committee (2016)

              > Strategic Planning Committee (2015)

I am also a proud, inaugural graduate of the LeadershipITE program in 2014.

Civic Involvement

City of Coppell, Texas

• Economic Development Committee, Appointed Member (2003-2007)

• Conduct Review Board, Appointed Member (2005-2007)

• Citizen’s Summit, Invited Participant (2003, 2006, 2017)

• Regional Transportation Task Force, Appointed Member (2002-2003)

   Environmental Quality Subcommittee Member

Coppell Independent School District

• High School Band Boosters (2013-present)

• Wilson Elementary Silent Auction, Co-chair (2010-2011)

Honors and Awards

Herbert H. Richardson Team Award, Texas A&M Transportation Institute, 2017.

Journey Toward Excellence Quality Team Award—Bronze Level, I-30 Mobility Improvement Group, Texas Department of Transportation, 2011.

Younger Member of the Year, Institute of Transportation Engineers, Texas District, 2002.

Leadership Coppell, 2002.

New Researcher Award, Texas Transportation Institute/Trinity Industries, 1997.

Chi Epsilon, Texas A&M University Chapter, 1990.

Personal Interests

I'm supported in my campaign by my wife, Tracy, and our three children, Adrian, Nathan, and Preston. They are the foundation that allows me to pursue my interests.

My children and I earned black belts in the American Taekwondo Association. I am currently a second degree, working to earn my third degree. I find this sport to be physically challenging and socially fulfilling. The practice of TKD reinforces many leadership principles: goal setting, training, technique mastery, encouragement, teamwork, patience, perseverance, respect, honor, and self-control.

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